Mother/Daughter Bonding

A while ago, like over a year, my eldest and I started writing letters back and forth in a journal to one another. It was a joint idea to keep us talking when she was in her awkward teen years and had an easier time through writing than verbally talking.

It fizzled after a while because I would do these long entries and I would get back like a paragraph and a whole page of smiley faces.

Now I know what you’re thinking, I’m the writer in the family, it would be easy for me. No, she writes too.

So we’ve decided to try this again, at her request, and now I’m drawing a blank. I’ve looked up questionnaires and writing prompts and am getting nowhere. I love the idea of this, always have, just don’t know what to do with it yet.

Any ideas?


Just to say hello…

This is just a quick post here, so this page doesn’t look quite so blank.

Yes, I’m an author, I have another website that I run for my books and all the writerly things that I do, but I felt a separate one for my personal stuff was better.

Something about “branding” is apparently important haha! Most people thought I only wrote about TV shows and music reviews, so most of that will be getting moved here.

Anyway, welcome, enjoy… hope to get to know you better soon.

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